WINCHESTER TAXPAYERS ASSOCIATION 1976-2013 Winchester / Winsted, CT. U.S.A

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Who We Are :

For over 30 years, members of the Winchester Taxpayers Association have been fighting for the taxpayers who pay the bills of the Government of "We the people." We have fought to keep our Town charter and town meeting with the right to referendum. We are a non-profit, nonpartisian information and action organization. We are made up of Americans who have a deep personal committment to preserving freedom for future generations. Members inform themselves and others and then work together to preserve our freedom and bring about change in local taxes when and where it is needed.  

What We Believe

The Winchester Taxpayers Assocciation welcomes and enjoys participation in its ranks of individuals from all walks of life and from all ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds. Our common bond is a belief in traditional values, our love for liberty, and rejection of tyrrany under any label with more taxes. We believe: That the American system of government is a Constitutional Republic, and is the finest yet developed by man. We support the State of CT Constitution and the Winchester Town Charter. We believe in the traditional moral values of our Judeo-Christian heritage form the cornerstone of Western Civilization. We believe the family is the most vital unit of society. We believe that the free market system, competitive capitalism, and private enterprise afford the widest opportunity and highest standard of living for all.

Widespread understanding of the principles in the United States Constitution, the CT. State Constitution and the Town of Winchester Charter is essential to avoid policies and laws that endanger our rights. Likewise, restoring adherence to the Constitutions and the town Charter is the cure to unaccountable government that undermines our freedoms and our nation sovereignty. They undermine the taxpayer  with more and more taxes and government regulations and tax laws. We always remember the rights of the individual are endowed by the Creator, not by government. The proper function of government should be to limited to the protection of our God-given rights, such as life, liberty, and property- individual rights are linked to individual reponsibility.

Victoria and Jacqueline LaPointe With Governor Jodi Rell at the Governor's Mansion, Hartford, CT.


Our organization uses its first amendment right to fight for lower taxes and less government. Through education of the the taxpayer and citizens who pay the bills of our government.Smile


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